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Latest News

Why cannot the high and low temperature chamber be tilted during transportation?

After the high and low temperature test chamber arrives at the customer‘s place, the manufacturer generally recommends that the user should be careful during handling, the machine can‘t be inclined, if once inclined, then the angle should not be greater than 15 degrees. Why is that?

The reason is that if the temperature test chamber is tilted too much in handling, the refrigerated oil in the compressor will flow from the suction pipe into the low pressure chamber. When the compression mechanism is opened again, the refrigerated oil is inhaled into the cylinder, which not only increases the compressor load in a short period of time (the compression ratio in the cylinder is set according to the gas volume, but the liquid is not easily compressed). This phenomenon is called the constant temperature test chamber "oil plugging ".

Confirmed the cause of the equipment failure, how should we solve it next?

First, the process pipe should be cut open, the refrigerant should be released, the meter valve should be repaired, the drying filter should be welded, and then the nitrogen should be filled through the meter valve. In the project of filling nitrogen, the condenser pipe connected with the dry filter should be blocked with thumb, and the condenser pipe should be filled with 0. When about 6 MPa of nitrogen, air flows out at one end of the capillary connected to the dry filter, maintaining the flow for about 1 minute, so that the frozen oil flowing into the capillary exits, and then the thumb stuck in the condenser is intermittently released for 3~5 times for about 10 seconds each time.

After the above treatment, the oil plugging pipeline has been basically removed, in order to ensure the thorough removal of the blockage, you can repeat the above inflatable process. Replace with a new drying filter, empty, fill in refrigerant, high and low temperature test chamber can return to normal refrigeration.

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