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Latest News

Difference between high temperature test chamber and drying oven!

High temperature test chamber and drying oven are both involved in high temperature, which looks similar, but entirley different function.
What are the differences between the two items? Let‘s take a look below.
1. Different application: drying ovens are mainly used for drying or baking, high temperature test chamber covers the function of drying oven, it also can be used for high temperature testing, like reliability test of electronic components, plastic products, chemical and electrical products.
2. Different peformance: Drying oven uses the ordinary controller. However, the high temperature test chamber must use the high precision controller with PID autotune function.

3. Technical difference: the temperature uniformity of drying oven is <±2.5%, while the temperature test chamber is < ±2.0℃. Although it is only the difference between positive and negative numbers, the value is double. 
4. Different manufacturing process: On the surface, they looks not much different.But in fact, when the air is heated to high temperatures above 350℃, the movement of the gas becomes difficult to control, even with the forced air convection, so the design of the air duct is very strict. The manufacturing cost of the high temperature test chamber is much higher than the drying oven.

From above,  now you may understand the difference between the high temperature test chamber and the drying oven, Climatest Symor supplies both high temperature test chamber and drying oven, the company is able to meet different technical requirement, for more details, pls follow:
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