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Latest News

How to use a dry storage cabinet correctly?

In general, the drying method we adopt is very common, which is a constant temperature drying process at a certain temperature point. But a dry storage cabinet more suits electronic components baking.

Due to the size of MSD, MSD level and ambient conditions vary, the drying process is also different. After drying the device according to relevant requirements, the storage period and workshop life of the MSD will be calculated from scratch.

If the MSD is exposed beyond the workshop life, or because other conditions cause the temperature or humidity around the device, its drying method will be according to the latest IPC/JEDEC standards.If the device is to be sealed into the MBB, it must be dried before sealing.

If the MSD level is 6, it must be redried before use, and then returned to the welding within the specified time according to the relevant instructions.

Pay attention to the following problems when baking MSD:

1, devices inside high temperature Tray plates can be baked at 120℃, if the temperature is not specifically indicated by the manufacturer.The highest baking temperature is generally indicated on the plate.

2, device in the cold plate cannot have a baking temperature exceeding 40 ° C, otherwise the plate will be damaged due to the high temperature.

3, should remove the box or paper before baking at 120 degrees C.

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