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Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

  • Thermal Shock Chamber(2 zone) can test products’ performance to withstand continuous high low temperature cycles, the purpose is to analyze and evaluate products’ safety performance and screen unqualified ones, it can finalize products’ chemical changes/physical damage caused by heat expansion and cold contraction principle, the test is mandatory from precise ICs to mechanical parts.

    .Electronic parts  .Autoparts  .Plastic  .Aviation parts  .Military parts



    7” Japan UNIQUE UMC programmable touch screen controller
    RS232 communication port

    Compressor                                                          Two zone
    Original Germany imported “Bock” compressor           The basket transfer up and down 
    Cascade system                                                                            Fast temperature change
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    Our visit to climatic test chamber distributors

  • .Working chamber anti-corrosion SUS#304 stainless steel
    .Imported Programmable touch screen controller
    .Cascade refrigeration system,France "Tecumseh" compressor and Germany “Bock” compressor
    .Large transparent viewing windows and lighting inside to observe the process
    .RS232 communication port

    Complied Standards
    IEC ISO & ASTM standards

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