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Floor-standing Vacuum Oven

  • Vertical Vacuum Oven is specially designed to dry thermo-sensitive,oxidative materials under vacuum condition in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, and scientific research institutes. The inner chamber can be filled with inert gases for anti-oxidation purpose.

    Climatest Symor® Vacuum Oven temperature range RT+10 °C ~ +200 °C, capacities ranging from 20 liters to 210 liters.
              LED controller

    1.Equipped with imported vacuum pump and dry filter.  
    2.Model TGBV-6033B and TGBV-6063B has independent temperature control function on each shelve.   

    Inert gas port

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  • . Minimize heating time, 50% less than traditional vacuum oven
    . Vacuum ovens especially dry powder and pallet materials

    . The outer shell is made by reinforced steel plate with paint spraying;The working chamber is made by anti-corrosion stainless steel 304.

    . Intelligent temperature controller with PID control,Digital temperature display,timing range within 0~9999min and over-temperature alarm.

    . Double layer toughened and bulletproof glass door,larger transparent viewing window to observe specimen.

    . Door adopts silicone rubber sealing which can ensure the high vacuum degree in chamber.

    . Designed for drying gently with its homogeneous temperature distribution,it ensures optimal heat transfer and minimal spatial temperature variation.

  • Floor-standing vacuum oven TDZF-6020 6030 6050 6250

    Floor-standing vacuum oven TDZF-6090 6210
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