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1%-5%RH Electronic Dry Cabinet

1%-5%RH Electronic Dry Cabinet

  • 1%-5%RH Dry cabinet is especially designed with fully automatic humidity control to prevent moisture related damage.This cabinet is the optimal storage expert for humidity sensitive SMT/BGA/PCB/electronic components.Symor newly-developed design greatly increases dehumidifying system which runs faster and more reliable by comparing with those traditional dry cabinets. it can decrease the defective rate at production line. All Symor manufactured dry cabinets comply with J-STD-033B standard.



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  • . The whole cabinet adopts 1.2mm galvanized steel with Dupont baking varnish,which is strong corrosion resistant, 3.2mm high intensity toughened glass.reinforced structure,excellent load-bearing and sealing performance.
    . It adopts US import Honeywell humidity sensor; temperature and humidity can be independently displayed,with memory function,no longer to reset humidity after power failure.
    . Symor pass RoHS to claim our cabinets don’t pollute electronics.
    . Zinc alloy lock with perfect air tightness and anti-theft function.
    . Front two ESD casters with brakes for easy move and ESD stand. 
    . With Black color (ESD models) or White color(non ESD models)
  • .Data Logger to read humidity curve on PC(Details pls refer to our user manual)

    .Temperature and Humdity display panel(Details pls refer to our specification)

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