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Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Who we are

Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd(Climatest Symor® below) is the leading environmental simulation equipments manufacturer in China established in 2001s, located at Dayang Industrial Park,Hefei,China.Climatest Symor® specializes in handling temperature and humidity control technique,which has manufactured climate chambers for nearly 20 years,the company owns two brands(Climatest Symor® & NetDry),we integrates state-of-the-art test facilities‘ R&D, marketing and production.We have production factories in Hefei and Changzhou cities.Our Changzhou factory covers an area of 12100 square meter,with 1500 units annual production capability.
Climatest Symor® has initially built ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. Besides,we insist on the principle "Build trust before business”,Climatest Symor® comprehensively implement the service idea of "stand by customers’ side and consider for them”,we provide one-stop service ranging from custom-made climatic chamber manufacturing,lifetime technical support, to shipping and after-sale service.

We specialize in manufacture and design all kinds of climate simulation test chambers,including Temperature Humidity Chamber,Thermal Shock Chamber,Fast Temperature Change Rate Chamber,Salt Spray Chamber,UV Weathering Chamber,and Dry Ovens and Dry Cabinets,which are mainly applied on Electronics,Semiconductor,Automotive,Telecommunications,Chemical,Pharmaceutical,Aerospace,Plastic, Packaging, Photovoltaic industries.we have exported climatic chamber to more than 20 countries during 20 years, our experienced R&D team can entirely settle customers’ special requirements.
Climatest Symor® brings in advanced manufacturing facilities and technic in China,such as CNC machine,Lathes,Bending machine,Laser cutting machines,etc,which can ensure sate-of-the-art production.we adopts Germany/France imported compressors,well-known brands of LCD controllers,our engineers are well trained with 15-20 years‘ experience in this industry,at present,we‘re developing our exclusive controller,integrating computer control technology with touch screen display for more convenient operation,we aim to manufacture most reliable climate test chambers in China.

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