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Climatest Symor® Social Responsibility

Symor always advocates public responsibility to control the impact and safety, advocate safe production and environmental protection, promote energy conservation & emission reduction and clean energy production. We‘re committed to human ecological harmony and social harmony .

Symor established corporate responsibility and public responsibility control and risk identification system, to strengthen the effective prevention and control and management of environmental protection, energy and resource use, product safety and public health.

Symor from R & D to raw material procurement, testing, production, packaging and shipping, we have following RoHS directive, all the steps have achieved halogen-free requirements for product safety.

Symor actively take the initiative to bear the corresponding social responsibility. Especially in the construction of a socialist harmonious society today, as an important organization of society.

We adopted the way of take on social responsibility to ensure the harmonious relationship between the stakeholders, for building a harmonious society to make our own contribution.

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