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Latest News

The difference between UVA-340 and UVB-313 UV lamps

UVA-340 can simulate the critical short wavelength range sunlight spectrum, the wavelength range is 315~400 nm, its luminescence spectrum energy is mainly concentrated at 340 nm wavelength. UVB313 UV lamp is a kind of low pressure mercury lamp, which emits ultraviolet light by using lower mercury vapor pressure.

Technical parameters of UVA-340 lamp:

Lamp power :40 W

Length :1200 mm

irradiance range :50 w/m2

UV wavelength :400 nm

Technical parameters of UVB-313 lamp:

UV power :40 W

UV lamp length: mm 1100-1200

irradiance range :0-1.0 w/m2 adjustable (340 nm or 313)

Diameter :26 mm,38mm i.e. T8 or T12 tubes

Application: mainly used in imported ultraviolet lamp machine to simulate the aging effect of ultraviolet of sunlight on materials.

The difference between UVA-340 UV lamp and UVB-313 UV lamp:
1.UVA-340 can simulate the ultraviolet part of sunlight well, suitable for simulating the spectrum of 315-400 nm wavelength range.

spectral energy is mainly concentrated at the wavelength of 340 nm. As a result, UVA-340 UV lamp tube.

2.UVB313 is used in large degree of artificial acceleration test, the aging result can be obtained quickly.

UVB313 uses shorter wavelengths and is more destructive than those commonly found on Earth‘s surface. UVB313 the ultraviolet spectrum of solar light with simulated wavelength of 290-315 nm, the spectral energy is mainly concentrated at the wavelength of 313 nm, so it is designated as UVB-313 lamp tube.

How to select UV lamps:

1. most of the tests recommend UVA-340 type ultraviolet lamp tube, which simulates the situation after sunlight irradiation at noon in summer, and is consistent with the effect of outdoor ultraviolet radiation.

2. UVB-313 lamps are recommended if tests need to speed up aging, which usually make materials aging faster, but may be different from natural aging results.

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