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Latest News

Usage and Application of laboratory drying oven

What is a forced convection drying oven?  what is the usage of this drying oven. Many customers will have such questions. With these questions, we have sorted out the relevant answers and hope to help you.

Forced convection drying oven, also known as air circulation drying oven, in fact, it often appear in our normal life,but we do not pay much attention to. The general drying oven is composed of three parts: box, electric heater and temperature control.

The appearance of the drying oven is simple and generous. The oven adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate, the surface is sprayed by electrostatic powder, the coating is hard and firm, and it has strong antirust ability. Studio is usually high-quality stainless steel plate, rounded shape, smooth, easy to clean. In addition, between the shell and the studio, the superfine glass cotton insulation material is filled, which has good insulation function and effectively ensures the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the oven.

Then when we first use the laboratory drying oven, we should carefully and strictly follow the operating manual. Usually the use steps by steps, the above is the use and use of thermostatic drying box, but also hope to give you a little help and reference.

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