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Latest News

How to keep electronic chips dry?

The moisture in the environment can cause un-negligible problems to various consumer and professional electronic parts, finished products, home appliances, instruments/ equipment, such as crystal / IC circuit design / IC TAB/IC packaging / IC and circuit board SMT assembly / circuit board. All can cause problems that can not be ignored.

Exposure of humidity sensitive elements (MSD) to the environment has more stringent management specifications. When the exposure exceeds the allowable length, Will cause moisture to attach and penetrate into the electronic parts. On the other hand, RoHS legislation introduced in July 2006, Due to the implementation of the lead-free process, Will raise the welding temperature, It is easier to cause the expansion and burst of moisture in electronic parts due to instantaneous high temperature. Light causes loss, Reduced efficiency, increased cost/cost, Heavy lead to R & D failure, high failure rate, poor reliability of serious competitiveness problems. Our customers have given the same answer to this question-the preservation environment of electronic products really needs to be kept dry! You can say, These products play an important role in our lives.
What are these products before they are assembled into finished products? Electronic components, of course, A chip or something. What happens when these parts get damp?
1. integrated circuits: the harm of humidity to the semiconductor industry is mainly manifested in the ability of humidity to penetrate IC plastic packaging and through gaps such as pins, Generate IC moisture absorption. Forming water vapor in the heating process of the SMT, A pressure that causes IC resin to crack, And oxidize the metal inside the IC device, Cause product failure. In addition, During the welding of the PCB plate, Due to the release of water pressure, It will also lead to virtual welding.
2. other electronic devices: capacitors, ceramic devices, rubbers, switches, solder, PCB、 wafers, quartz oscillators, SMT adhesives, electrode materials adhesives, electronic slurries, high light devices, etc, Will be affected by moisture.
3. liquid crystal devices: liquid crystal display barrier and other liquid crystal devices glass substrate and polarizer, filter in production although cleaning drying, But when it cools, it‘s still damp, Reduce the qualified rate of the product. Therefore, after drying should be stored in 40% RH below the dry environment.
4. the finished electronic machine will also be affected by moisture in the warehouse process, If the storage time is too long in a high environment, Will cause a failure, For computer IC、BGA、PCB, Waiting for tin furnace welding, Baked back - temperature devices, Unpackaged products, Will be affected by moisture.
5. especially the parts of some high-tech products today-some sophisticated electronic accessories need to keep the environment dry. According to IPC-M190J-ST-D-033 standards, SMD elements exposed to high temperature air, Have to put it in a drying box 10 times RH humidity, To restore the component‘s "workshop life ", Avoid scrap, Safeguard. Electronic products moisture-proof can be said to be urgent.

Therefore, professional industrial humidity controlled cabinet and intelligent nitrogen cabinets are required to carry out the strictest humidity control of the air in workshops and warehouses, To meet the best air relative humidity standards required for electronic products and electronic components workshop and warehouse storage.

With the NetDry nitrogen cabinet/electric dry cabinet, Electronic components, semiconductor, university labs, Institute, Military units and so on do not have to worry about the unreasonable loss and economic loss caused by damp goods.

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