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Latest News

Opportunities for Environmental Testing Chamber in the Market

In recent years, with the development of electronics, chemical industry, household appliances, communications, chemical industry and other industries, more attention has been paid to the quality of products, environmental testing equipment has been rapid developed, environmental test chamber is a combination test equipment that simulates one or more harsh environments by manual method in laboratory, effectively tests the quality and performance of new products.

Climatic chamber provides necessary information and data for the development of modern high-tech products and periodic inspection and acceptance tests. Most of the environmental test equipment used in China before the 1980s was imported from western countries and is relatively expensive. Nowadays, with the development of electronic technology, especially control technology, from analog control to digital control; display mode from pointer to digital to current touch screen display; control accuracy from ℃±1 to 0.1℃ or even within 0.01. Performance can be comparable to imported equipment, and the price is only about half of imported equipment. For example, the comprehensive manufacturer of high-end mechanical and reliability test equipment and its edge products development, production, sales and technical services —— Symor Instrument equipment Co., Ltd., for many years, in order to be able to support higher product quality, more sophisticated manufacturing skills, advanced management and business philosophy in 2001, working with well-known Japanese manufacturers of test equipment to develop new products, enhance market competitiveness; and strive to reduce manufacturing costs, return its profits to customers, so that they can have good quality, reasonable prices, service in place products.

Today, benefit from the rapid development of the industry, Climatest Symor products have entered the electronics, electrical appliances, automotive, printing, packaging, hardware and other industries, including Toyota motor, TUV certification lab, Foxconn, Wistron, Husco Automotive,other well-known enterprises, deeply trusted by the majority of users.
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