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Latest News

What is the main function of hot air dry oven?

Drying ovens are devices used to remove moisture and other solvents from the items placed inside them through a forced convection process, collecting it elsewhere so that the object becomes dehydrated.

A drying oven causes objects to dry out through evaporation. Drying ovens use convection heating,also called air forced, in which the object is heated through air currents. Water from the object escapes into the air, raising the humidity level and causing the semi-solid membranes inside the oven to absorb the water. The end result is that the oven removes water from the object being dried, leaving it dehydrated.
Drying ovens contain a system for forcing convection currents to develop, usually either a fan or turbine, which aids in the heating and drying process by ensuring that the hot air circulates,many ovens are equipped with an adjustable ventilation system that allows the user to ensure that the system has an adequate air supply.
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