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Latest News

Our advantages of Temperature humidity test chamber

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber is a must-have test machine for industries like aerospace, automotive, family appliances, scientific research, etc. It is used to test and determine the parameter and performance of test specimen bearing the high or low temperature, humid and programmable temperature humidity simulations.

Climatest Symor advantage:
1. With independent intellectual property rights and design patents and master the environmental test box core technology.

2. The control instrument is the easy-to-operate UNIQUE (Japan) UMC1200 which can be remotely controlled.

3. The refrigeration system uses Tecumseh (France) compressor and is equipped with condensate water tray.

4. The core electrical components are Schneider and other well-known brands.

5. Advanced design concept: water and electricity layouts are separated.

6. Innovative shallow groove humidification method, drawer-style water, large water tank design.

7. The bottom of the working room (test area) is drainage slot for the purpose of preventing condensation, to maximize the protection of the test specimen.


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