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Latest News

What is the difference between temperature test chamber and thermal shock chamber?

Both temperature test chamber and thermal shock chamber have temperature testing function,so what‘s the different between the temperature test chamber and thermal shock chamber?

The main difference are as follow:
First, heating and cooling rate:
The temperature test chamber heating raite is less than 3 ℃ / min, cooling rate is less than 1.2 ℃ / min; thermal shock chamber needs to reach the targeted temperature within 5min regardless of the temperature difference.

Second, structure
The temperature test chamber is a single studio structure, thermal shock chamber is two zone or three zone design .

Third: application

Due to the different temperature rate and structure, the test use is different; the temperature test chamber is used for FIXED VALUE test or PROGRAMS test, and the thermal shock chamber is used for the temperature impact test of specimen The temperature test chamber cannot replace the thermal shock chamber to achieve the temperature impact test, while the themal shock chamber can realize the fixed value test of the temperature test chamber and partial programs test. Of course, this is not cost effective.

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