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Latest News

Industrial application of auto dry cabinet

Auto dry cabinet are required for moisture proof and anti-oxidation storage of materials, semi-finished and finished products, especially in SMT and LED industries, These materials stored in the auto dry cabinet are also gradually classified as moisture sensitive components.

In the IPC standard, the moisture sensitive level of MSD are classified. There are also specific classification methods. These methods are mainly used by the chip manufacturers.

Chips will indicate their specific moisture sensitivity level at the factory. Another important standard for chips that divide the moisture sensitive level in the IPC standard is to stipulate the humidity requirements required for their corresponding level chip.

For the chip moisture-proof storage, the electronic auto dry cabinet, like <10%RH and <5%RH, become common used by mainstream chips, it can recover the floor life of electronic components exposed at fixed ambient condition.

"The unpackaged MSD, can recover floor life when exposed for less than 72 hours, 5 or 10 times in the specified humidity storage, e. g. under 10%RH or less than 7% RH." The exposure time is the time when the MSD is placed in a high humidity environment after unpackage.

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