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Latest News

What is salt fog test chamber?

Salt fog test chamber is an environmental test equipment that evaluates the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

Salt fog test for 48 hours does not necessarily take 48 hours. Using the industrial acceleration simulation salt fog chamber, it adopts artificial method in the salt fog environment to assess the salt corrosion resistance performance, the time of the results is greatly shortened.

Classification of Salt Fog Testing:

Salt fog test is divided into two types:
1.Natural environmental exposure test
2.Artificial acceleration simulation of salt fog environment 

Compared with the natural environment, the concentration of chloride in the salt fog chamber is several times or dozens of times more than natural environment. The corrosion speed is greatly improved, the salt fog test on the product, and the time to obtain the results is greatly shortened.

If the sample of a product is tested in a natural exposed environment, the corrosion may take 1 year, but tested in a salt fog chamber for 24 hours, the similar results can be obtained.

Salt fog test chamber includes neutral salt fog test, acetate fog test, copper salt accelerated acetate test, and alternating salt fog test.

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