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Latest News

Hazards of moisture to electronic components-dry storage cabinet

Most electronics components require production and storage under the specified air relative humidity (RH values). According to statistics, there are more than 1 / 4 of unqualified products in the world every year that are related to the humid manufacturing environment.

For the electronic industry, the harm of moisture has become one of the main factors affecting the product quality,so how the moisture damage electronics components?
The wet gas will enter the interior of the device through the bonding surface of the packaging materials, it causes short oxidation corrosion of the internal circuit, the high temperature during the assembly and welding of the electronic components will generate enough pressure to separate (strip) from the interior of the chip or pin frame, wire binding damage, chip damage, and internal cracks that will extend to the surface of the element. Even cracks extend to the surface of the elementa, the worst case of its bulge and bursting, also known as "popcorn" , which would lead to repair or even abandonment of the assembly.

More importantly, the invisible, potential defects will dissolve into the product. The harm of moisture to electronic components has become a very serious issue, generally SMD is composed of several different materials, between different materials will be stored binding parts, will be stored or large or small gaps, that is, the existence of these gaps, will lead to the possibility of SMD moisture absorption. The tide is hidden between these gaps. And these gaps, due to the physical characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction, when the MSD temperature rises, will lead to the expansion of the device material, although the expansion is small, but also lead to the gap.Although the increase is not much, but enough to lead to MSD workshop life changes, so you can use industrial dry storage cabinet for storage. 

NetDry dry storage cabinet provides a low humidity storage environment for electronic components,such as integrated circuits,LCD device, and other electronic devices: such as capacitors, switchgear, ceramic parts, connector, quartz oscillation, solder tin, crystal, silicon wafer, SMT glue, electrode material adhesives, electronic slurry, high luminance devices, etc. 

NetDry dry storage cabinets have been exported to more than 20 countries,with excellent feedback,we concentrate on dry storage cabinet R&D,and aim to most reliable dry cabinets,best technical support and in time after-sale support,for more details,pls visit or

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