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Latest News

Correct use of wet ball gauze in constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The correct use and placement of wet ball gauze in temperature and humidity test chamber has great influence on humidity testing.
Some customers call to say the humidity is wrong, humidity does not display on the temperature humidity chamber, a lot of communication with our engineers are caused by this gauze.

For a constant temperature humidity chamber, the gauze belongs to consumable, it needs to be replaced regularly.

In order to make the test more accurate, then, how is the correct way to replace and install the gauze of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?
According to the actual technical method, summarize as follows:

1. take out the wet all gauze, then put it into the wet ball sensor,it can be properly folded,

2. the top end of wet ball gauze must be hung on the wet ball sensor (to cover the sensor probe), the bottom end immersed into the wet ball gauze tank (check whether there is water in the tank), let it easily absorb the water in the sink and keep wet.
3.In the process of the experiment, you must check whether the wet ball gauze hangs properly. If you have hung the gauze, please check whether the gauze is wet. If it has been dried or the water absorption effect is very poor, please replace or clean the wet ball gauze.
4.The length of wet ball gauze is mainly soaked in the water head. The new wet ball gauze should be replaced for a period of time. Pure water is used as far as possible to prevent the influence of minerals on the water absorption of wet ball gauze.

The correct hanging of wet ball gauze in the constant temperature and wet test chamber is also a factor affecting the test results.

The wet ball gauze shall be installed with reference to the figure below. ( Symor Instrument Equipments) 

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