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Latest News

What attention should be paid to when installing the high and low temperature test chamber?

High and low temperature test chamber is the common environment simulation testing equipment,
Climatest warmly remind you:
1. When the high and low temperature test chamber is installed, the exterior must be grounded, If the test chamber is not grounded, the leakage will risk electric shock;
2. Do not run the equipment before the equipment is installed.
3. If the heating sample is placed in the chamber, use external power supply for sample control power, Do not directly use the equipment power supply.
4. Operation will produce dangerous current,
5. When the machine operates, each motors and fans are under the controller control, start as per instructions, Nnever touch temporarily stationary components, Prevent the sudden start of the components, Cause of personal injury,

6. It is forbidden to move the test chamber when there is samples in it, the sample may fall.

7. Before use, ensure that the high and low temperature test chamber is fixed, that is, the casters are off the ground, otherwise the test chamber will move unexpectedly when subjected to external force.

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