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Latest News

Temperature cycle chamber for semiconductor reliability test

Temperature cycle machine for IC package reliability test Temperature cycling machine,we also call it thermal shock chamber,it‘s widely applied in semiconductor manufacturing industry at present,this equipment simulates rapid temperature change in short time,and evaluate IC lifespan in advance according to the specified Military or Civil standards,it is a must for the semiconductor rel. test. Two zone: This test chamber has two zones, left zone is hot temperature air and right zone is cold temperature air. During test, a basket will hold the specimen and transfer it up and down rapidly between two zones, to test the endurance performance of specimen under dramatically temperature changing. Three zone: The specimen stay in the middle zone,the hot air in the upper zone and the cold air in the lower zone will automatically come into the middle zone alternatively,and effect the specimen,it can test products‘ performance to withstand continuous high low temperature cycles, the purpose is to analyze and evaluate products‘safety performance and screen unqualified ones, it can finalize products‘chemical changes/physical damage caused by heat expansion and cold contraction principle. Reliability test is mandatory from precise IC to mechanical parts.

Three zone suits specimen which are fragile and that require exposure under ambient environement,general speaking,Climatest Symor® manufactured temperature cycle chamber can entirely meet customers‘ demands,we supply this equipment to  R&D Department of China Weapon Research Institute.

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