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Latest News

Ingress Protection (IP) test chamber

Ingress Protection Test Chamber is used to determine the protection degree of product enclosures,the protection level provided by the enclosure is called IP code,our IP test chamber compeletely follow the standard IEC60529 and others.

IP protection grade is an important index of electrical equipment safety protection. Protective-grade systems such as ip, which provide a method of classifying products in terms of dust-proof, waterproof and anti-collision levels of electrical equipment and packaging, which have been recognized by most European countries, as drafted by the International Electrotechnical Association (iec (international electro technical commission). And announced in ied529 (bs en 60529 / 1992) outer packing protection grade (ip code).

The level of protection is expressed in terms of IP followed by two numbers, which are used to define the level of protection. The first number indicates the extent of the equipment‘s resistance to dust, or the degree to which people are protected from harm in sealed environments. I represents a level that prevents solid foreign matter from entering, with a maximum level of 6; The second number indicates the extent to which the equipment is waterproof. P represents the level of protection against influent and the highest level is 8. Such as the protection level of the motor ip65. Contact electrical equipment protection and external material protection level (first digit) Electrical equipment waterproof protection level (second digit) .

IP is the international code used to identify the protection grade ip grade consists of two numbers, the first number for dust, and the second number for waterproof, the larger the number means the better protection level.

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