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Latest News

Noise Fault Detection of High Low Temperature Test Chamber

With the development of science and technology, the climatic chamber quality is improved, and the failure rate is reduced, but there still have the failure we introduce what are the mian factors for big noise high low temperature test chamber:

1.External factors: the bottom angle is uneven, the ground is uneven, adjust the bottom angle, ensure the equipment is in a horizontal position; 
2.The equipment is touched other objects or pushed against the wall,pls remove the objects and keep a certain distance from the wall.
3.Compressor noise:check whether the compressor collides with the pipeline,and evaporator dish is loose or not.
4.Check whether compressor shock absorbers are aging and replace them.
5.Solenoid valve noise: solenoid valve reversing caue loud sound, pls add damping glue, if no effect, need to replace solenoid valve. If there is AC noise, need to replace the power board.
6.Check wether the fan or the fan string shaft make noise,whether the fan blades are touched and deformed, whether the fan is fixed or not, pls adjust accordingly or add the rubber pad.

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