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Latest News

Quality Helps Symor Win More Customers After 20 Years Striving Efforts

Climatest Symor® motto is: “Build Trust Before Do Business" , in order to enable us closer to customers worldwide,our company tried to visit our overseas customers anually and invite them to visit our factories for face to face conmmunication, our engineers introduce them our manufacturing advantages in our showroom,and present them our climatic chamber structure in workshop,every components we adopted are well-known brand,such as Japan UMC,France Tecumseh,Germany Bitzer,Shneider,etc.Our QC team strictly do in-line and final inspection before machine x-fty,our customers are impressed by our expertise,they are willing to distribute our products.

Climatest Symor® was established in 2001s by three technical engineers who have served this industry since early 1980s,they work very hard on climatic chamber from R&D, manufacturing,production to after-sale service,through nearly 20 years‘ striving efforts,our company step by step grow up,and become one of leading climate simulation equipments suppliers in China. Later,we found many manufacturers in different industries worldwide begin to put great importance on their products tesing in early R&D stage in order to produce qualified products,climate chamber was a must for the testing.Climatest Symor® decided to open the international trading department,at the begining,we met big frastration,because we had to compete with some world famous brands,customers are willing to choose them instead of us,even though their price is super high,this is very understandable,even though our climatic chamber is rest-assured quality with high cost performance,but customers are not familiar with our chamber and our people,we seriously felt we should change this status quo,our sales team started to introduce potential distributors our company advantages and technique,invite them to visit our factory,step by step,they are willing to give us chance to prove ourselves,now Climatest Symor® is healthly grow through every staff‘s efforts. We wanna express our heartfelt thanks to our staff and the early distributors who choose to trust us.

Climatest Symor® is now willing to give a chance to every new staff and train them patiently,hope we can make a little contribution to the society.

If you don‘t try,you will never know the result! Looking forward to join hands with you!
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