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Latest News

New Refrigeration Technologies on Environmental Test Chamber(1/2)

In the early 20th century, the topic of we talk was energy, and in the beginning of the 21st century, the topic we talk was the energy crisis. This means that in this high-speed development society, energy has become the foundation and the core of supporting the economic development. In 2010, the total energy consumption in our country is over 3.2 billion tons of standard coal, the total energy consumption has accounted for 20% of the total world, and the total energy consumption has exceeded the U.S., But the economy is only about one-third of the United States. Of these, China‘s oil exports have been more than 55%, and natural gas has been more than 16 per cent of imports, and yesterday‘s coal-based power has also become a net importer in 2010. In recent years, due to the large use of the conventional refrigeration air-conditioning equipment for freon-based refrigerant and the large consumption of electric energy, it is an important factor leading to the current environment and energy problem. With the adjustment of the energy structure of our country, the application proportion of renewable energy such as solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy is increasing.

Therefore, the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly refrigeration technology without destroy of the ozone layer, no greenhouse effect is an important topic in the research of the refrigeration field.
I. Solar refrigeration
Solar absorption type,cold pipe type,dehumidification type, photovoltaic and other refrigeration types:
(1) Solar absorption refrigeration: collecting solar energy by a solar heat collector to drive an absorption refrigeration system, storing energy by utilizing the latent heat of the phase change of the liquid refrigerant, By using the method, the solar air-conditioning mode with the largest application level has been demonstrated so far by being gasified at low-pressure and low-temperature. Most of the system is a lithium bromide water system, and an ammonia water system is also used.
(2) Solar dehumidification air-conditioning system: an open-cycle adsorption refrigeration system. The basic feature is desiccant dehumidification and evaporative cooling, as well as an air conditioning system suitable for use with solar energy.
(3) the solar energy type refrigeration: the low-boiling-point working medium is changed into high-pressure steam by the heating of the solar heat collector, and the low-pressure steam generated in the evaporator is attracted around the suction chamber to enter the mixing chamber, And the refrigerant is vaporized in any evaporator to achieve the refrigeration effect.
(4) Cold control of solar energy: It is an intermittent type of refrigeration. The main structure is composed of a solar cold pipe, a heat collecting box, a refrigeration box, a regenerator, a cooling water circuit, and the like, and is a special adsorption type refrigeration system.
(5) Solar energy semiconductor refrigeration: The system is composed of a solar photoelectric converter (solar cell), a numerical control matching device, an energy storage device (storage battery) and a semiconductor refrigerating device. The solar photoelectric converter is used for outputting direct current, a part of the direct current is directly supplied to the semiconductor refrigeration device for refrigeration operation, and the other part is stored in an energy storage device for use in a cloudy day or at night, so that the system can operate normally all the weather.

II. Blance heat refrigeration
The automobile preheating and refrigeration technology has an absorption type, a hybrid mode and the like. The absorption refrigeration technology: the balance heat-driven absorption type refrigeration device uses the lithium bromide water solution as a working medium, each heat exchanger is independently arranged under the bottom plate of the carriage and is positioned in the same plane, a special design connecting pipeline is used for connecting to form a closed loop, and the limited space on the vehicle is reasonably utilized, The invention solves the problem that the existing automobile engine waste heat-driven absorption type refrigeration equipment cannot be applied to a vehicle due to the fact that the volume and the weight are too large. Absorption refrigeration consists of a steam generator, an evaporator and a condenser (i.e., a condenser) and the like, and a certain vacuum is maintained in the evaporator by means of the suction action of the steam device, so that the water is evaporated and cooled in the evaporator.

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