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Latest News

What is the differenct between nitrogen cabinet and dry cabinet?

Nitrogen cabinets use inert gas nitrogen to prevent moisture and oxidation in the cabinet. in this sealed nitrogen cabinet, there is a way to supply nitrogen and exhaust. The control function can be selected according to the configuration of the storage goods. It has been widely used in electronics, military industry, research institutions, semiconductors and other industries. With the continuous innovation and development of moisture-proof technology, many people do not know how to distinguish automatic nitrogen cabinets and electronic moisture-proof cabinets, which are more popular in the current market. Today we simply introduce the difference here in this article:

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is based on the dry unit (containing molecular sieves) to carry out moisture-proof, moisture-proof speed is relatively slower by comapred with automatic nitrogen cabinet , and the automatic nitrogen cabinet is featured with nitrogen filling, it is mainly used for rapid moisture-proof and oxidation-proof. For more valuable items and chips,customers can choose nitrogen cabinets.

Whether nitrogen can be filled in is the biggest difference between above two items, and the second difference is the control of humidity. The medium humidity and low humidity series of electronic dry cabinet can control the humidity, while the control of humidity in the nitrogen cabinet is automatic, and the humidity control range is 1%-60%. Both of this two items have the function of storage, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Customers can choose according to the purpose they need.
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