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Latest News

N2 Nitrogen Cabinet / Dry Air Cabinet

As you know, moisture causes manufacturing defects and failures on products during assembly, storage and shipping stage, especially electronic and semiconductor components like wafers, IC chips, PCB manufacturing components, or surface mount assembly(SMT) process. These failures result from unappropriate storage and handling methods, which needs to be improved to increase product utilization and lifespan, these are very crucial issues for those important industries where products reliability performance must be strictly controlled, such as militay, defense, automotive, medical, Research Institutes, aeronautic industries.

Symor concentrates on humidity control technique, the company aims to provide affordable and effective humidity removing solution to customers by using N2 nitrogen Cabinet / Dry Air Cabinet, 
NetDry dry cabinets can be used as an alternative to baking MSD components, reducing heat baking issues such as breakdowns of protective coatings on surface, lead oxidation, intermetallic growth, warping and solderability.  NetDry provides optimal low humidity control solution to SMD tapes, reel & tapes, with these problems settled, product reliability and yield will greatly improve.

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