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Latest News

High and Low Temperature Test Chamber - Safety Knowledge

1. When the temperature test chamber is installed, the shell must be grounded, and if it is not grounded, there is a danger of electric shock if the leakage occurs ;
2. Do not run the equipment before it is installed to ensure that the installation can be carried out behind the side ;
3. If the chamber is placed with a heating sample, use the external power supply to connect the sample,and do not use the power supply of this equipment directly ;
4. The operation will produce dangerous current, non-professional personnel do not open the cover plate of the electronic control cabinet ;

5. If the test chamber is not equipped with humidification function, pay attention to the difference between the use and the requirements when reading instructions;
6.When the machine is running, all kinds of motors and fans are under the control of the controller to start according to the instructions, do not touch the components temporarily in a static state by hand to prevent the components from suddenly starting, causing personal injury, when it is really necessary to work close to the rotating parts, please cut off the main power switch and ensure that the protective device is in good condition;

7.Make sure that the temperature cycle test chamber is fixed before use, that is, the casters adjust the landing of the feet off the ground, otherwise the machine will move accidentally when subjected to external force.

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