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Latest News

Usage of High and low temperature test chamber

High and low temperature test chamber is a kind of testing equipment, which is mainly used for quality inspection of industrial products. The test is carried out to simulate high and low temperature environment to assess reliability of products. Before leaving the factory, industrial products need to carry out high and low temperature tests, such as electronic products, automobile and motorcycle products, aerospace supplies, marine products, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, etc.

Because of the huge demand, the country has formulated a series of industrial standards to meet the various testing needs of different industries, but also to improve the industrialization of high and low temperature test boxes. Temperature cycle chamber manufacturers, has been advocating good faith work, integrity has always been sincere for customers, heart for customer satisfaction, as the company‘s goal implementation, adhere to quality, grasp service, grasp the reputation of the business model, by virtue of professional norms, integrity management services, has long accumulated a high reputation, in the industry, Climatest Symor has won the reputation of the vast number of peers and customers.

The high and low temperature test chamber is generally machined by CNC machine tools. The shape is strict and standard, the shape is fine, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is simple. The observation window adopts advanced lighting and toughened glass lighting, which provides a high quality environment for the experiment. Many parts are original  imported, such as full touch screen is the original technology imported from Japan, and the core parts of refrigerator are imported from France. The design is more unique, which makes the temperature control more comfortable, improves the service life and reduces the failure probability.
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