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Latest News

Low humidity cabinet for optical lenses

Optical lenses or optical instruments are an essential tool in industry, but because lens & lenses need to be preserved in a specific humidity environment to prevent them from moldy and damage their clarity and other negative effects. Symor recommends the use of electronic drying cabinet to store optical instrument lens, humidity can be set to 30%RH-40%RH, can effectively prevent lens mildew and produce white fog, rainbow and other phenomena, lens after serious moisture will lead to sulfur change, directly scrap lens.

Some high-end optical instruments, such as high-end microscopes and other instruments, if not used for a period of time, need to be placed in a low humdiity cabinet to prevent its lens mildew. Because of the high degree of electronic integration of instruments, some optical instruments have their own electronic components, which are best stored in anti-static low humidity cabinets. If the instrument and equipment carrying lens & lens choose the drying cabinet, it is not suitable to select too low humidity (such as 1-10% RH), because the long time low humidity environment may lead to the crack phenomenon on the lens surface.

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