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How to use industrial humidity controlled cabinet?

Industrial humidity controlled cabinet has become a storage drying cabinet for many products. It is very good to use humidity controlled cabinet when the weather is wet.

For how to use industrial humidity controlled cabinet, mainly for materials or devices moisture-proof and oxidation-proof effect.

For how to use, it is necessary to understand which processes will expose materials or devices throughout the process.

And these exposed materials, need humidity controlled cabinet for moisture-proof preservation.

For these material devices, there are corresponding moisture-proof and oxidation-proof measures for incoming materials. The use of humidity controlled cabinet is the storage protection of these materials after unsealing.

In addition, the semi-finished products in the process in the absence of line, but also need to be stored in the humidity controlled cabinet.

And storage requirements, first of all, low humidity is a must.

LED chips, semi-finished products and so on, the industry is also following the IPC standards, mainly in the 3 level of humidity-sensitive devices.

Therefore, the moisture control storage of these materials also needs to be in a less than 10% RH environment.

In addition, because of these materials, semi-finished products will be more frequent.

Therefore, for the use of humidity controlled cabinet, it is also necessary to pay attention to its humidity recovery capacity after door opening and closing.

Good dehumidification speed can ensure the low humidity performance of the equipment when it is opened and closed frequently, and then ensure the moisture-proof and oxidation-proof safety of materials, devices and semi-finished products

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