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Latest News

Inspection and maintenance of temperature and humidity test chamber

1.Replacement of wet bulb test gauze

When the test gauze surface is not clean or hard, pls replace the gauze.

Change the test gauze once in three months. Apply clean gauze to wipe the temperature measuring device (Sensor) when replacing the new test gauze.

2.Check and adjust wet bulb water level

The water level of the water tank should not be too high, so that the water won‘t overflow out of the water tank, also water level s/b not too low in the tank, to make the wet ball gauze absorb water normally, The water level is about 60% full.

You cawater level od water tank can adjust the height by changing the water box(adjust the screws on both sides).

3. Condenser dust removal

Condenser should be maintained regularly and monthly, using vacuum cleaner to remove dust attached to condenser heat mesh or use high pressure air to spray dust.

4. Check overtemperature protector

When the machine is running, overtemperature protection is 20℃~30℃ more than the setting temperature.

If the temperature in the test temperature humidity test chamber rises to the set point of overtemperature protection, the power supply of the heater will stop ." OVERHEAT" the overtemperature warning light is on but the fan is still running. If the fan is running for a long time and unattended, be sure to check the overtemperature protector before operation. Is it set? 

5.Cleaning and maintenance inside and outside 

The machine should remove the internal impurities before operation.

The power distribution cabinet is cleaned at least once a year. Vacuum cleaner can be used to remove indoor dust.

The outside of the chamber must also be cleaned more than once a year, cleaning with soapy water can be wiped.

6. Humidifier inspection and maintenance

The water storage in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure that the water quality is clean, and the humidifier should be cleaned once in a month

, make sure the flow is smooth.

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