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Latest News

How to maintain salt spray test chamber?

Customer should know how to do the usual maintenance for Climatest Symor® Salt Spray Test Chamber correctly, this can enable the equipment be used under optimal condition and extend the chamber‘s lifespan,today we introduce you as below,hope it‘s helpful.

1. Lubricate the air compressor inside the salt spray chamber regularly.
Check the air control valve function regularly.
3. Re-start the chamber for testing when it has not been used for a long time,pls check all electrical systems firstly.
4. When there is the nozzle dirt, pls remove the nozzle with alcohol xylene or 1:1 hydrochloric acid for cleaning, or with ultra-fine steel wire dredge, but pls pay extra attention to    prevent damage to the surface of the nozzle cavity.
5. If the test is not done for a long time,pls turn on the saturator to empty the water left, and replace the saturator memory water regularly.
6. The salt solution used in the test can‘t keep for more than one week, please replace it to avoid affecting the test.
7. After the test finished, the chamber should be cleaned and kept in a dry environment.
8. After the test, clean the inside of the laboratory, drain the water in the heating tank, and finally keep the appearance of the salt spray corrosion testing machine clean and tidy;
9.Cleaning work should be done on daily basis.
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