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Latest News

How to inspect the temperature recovering time of thermal shock chamber?

Thermal shock test chamber can be used for testing the chemical change or physical damage on composite materials caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest time,which is subjected to extremely and continuous high and low temperature how to check the temperature recovery time of this chamber?
Normally we take following steps to inspect the temepratuire recovering time:
1.Install the temperature sensor at the specified position, and adjust the temperature controller of hot zone and cold zone to the required nominal temperature respectively.
2.The temperature increases and reduces respectively,30min after temperature in two zones reach stable status,record temperature value of the measuring point,pls set the temperature value of two zones to be required nominal temperature.
3.The temperature shock test chamber automatically places the inspected load into theh ot zone,select the corresponding retention time according to regulated standard.
4.Set the transfer time,then the inspection load is transferred from hot zone to cold zone, and the temperature of the measuring point is observed and recorded, and then the reverse conversion of the load from cold zone to hot zone is carried out according to the same method, and the temperature of the measuring point is observed and recorded.
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