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Latest News

What is the operation notice of constant temperature humidity test chamber?

As per feedbacks from our customers in the past,there are some important operation details that we should emphasize for the constant temperature humidity chamber.

Climatest briefly introduces below steps,please try best to follow :
1. When you finish the low temperature test, it is best to dry at 60 ℃ for about 30 minutes before opening the door, so as not to affect the measuring time of the later test or cause the evaporator to freeze.
2. When the machine is in operation, please do not open the box door unless you have to open it as a last resort. Otherwise, the following adverse consequences may be caused:
(1) high temperature moisture rushed out of the door
(2) the inside of the door is still under high temperature
(3) high temperature air may trigger fire alarm and cause errors
(4) the switch box has certain damage to the compressor during the experiment, unless the test requires, customers are not advised to switch frequently in the course of the experiment.

3. When using the machine,grounding s/b ensured so as not to produce electrostatic induction.
4. The protection devices,like circuit breakers and overtemperature protectors s/b inspected in detail on a regular basis.

5. The installation position of wet ball gauze must be correct n order to measure the accurate relative humidity.
6. When the machine is in operation, please do not touch the hand to check, so as not to be electrocuted or injured by the fan, resulting in danger;

7. Non-professional staff are not allowed to repair and inspect the machine. And at the time of inspection,there should be professional electricians and circuit maintenance personnel, to prevent unwitting personnel from switching on and off, resulting in electric shock danger.

Climatest is looking forward to working with you and make a big progress on testing,maximize customers‘ benefit!
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