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Latest News

How to clean and maintain thermal shock test chamber?

Do you correctly maintain your thermal shock test chamber? thermal shock chamber is also called temperature cycle machine,today we will introduce to you how to clean and maintain this equipment, as well as the matters needing attention when using.

Climatest thermal shock chamber is made up of very many parts, and each part is different, and it is not the same for its maintenance. The main components are a humidifier, an evaporator, a circulating fan blade, a condenser and the like. 

These dirt need to be cleaned regularly. In addition to the external dust removal, the regular cleaning of the internal parts is a top priority. Therefore, the cleaning of the internal parts of the equipment should be in place in a timely and accurate manner. The following is a brief introduction to the cleaning methods of these parts.
1)The clean grade of the samples is different under the action of strong wind. Then there will be dust, these small dust will condense on the evaporator, should be cleaned every three months.

2)Same as the evaporator, the time is long,the condensor will condense a lot of small dust, and the same cleaning way as the evaporator.

3)Its interior needs to be decontaminated and dedust to guarantee good ventilation and heat transfer performance and the continuous heat transfer performance

The attentions when use thermal shock test chambers:
1.In operation, do not open the door unless absolutely necessary, or may result in the following adverse consequences,the high-temperature hot gas is very dangerous out of the box,the inner side of the chamber door still keeps the high temperature to cause the scald. High temperature air may trigger a fire alarm to cause a malfunction.
2.If a heat-generating sample is placed in the equipment, use the external power supply for control of the sample power supply, and do not use the local power directly.
3.The non-fuse switch (circuit breaker), the temperature over-temperature protector, provide the local test article and the safety protection of the operator, so please check regularly.
4.It is absolutely forbidden to test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances.

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