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Latest News

Attentions during operation of constant temperature humidity test chamber

Constant temperature humidity test chamber is a very important testing equipment and widely applied in laboratories and reseach institutes,
So there are some important operation notices before you use this chamber,it is like a car,if you make periodic maintenance,it can be used for longer time,let‘s learn these today:
1.when you finish low temperature operation,it is better to dry the chamber at 60 & deg; C Open the door after about 30 minutes so as not to affect the measurement time at the later test or cause the evaporator to freeze.

2.Do not touch the chamber during operation to avoid being electrocuted or injured by the circulating fan.
3.The installation position of the wet ball gauze must be accurate in order to measure the correct relative humidity. 

4.When the test is operated, please do not open the door casually unless it must be opened, which may have the following adverse consequences:

(1) High-temperature moisture come out of the working chamber 
(2) High temperature is still maintained on the inside door of the chamber 
(3) High-temperature air may trigger fire alarm and cause failure
(4) Switch on or off in the experiment has a certain damage to the compressor

5.The protection devices,such as circuit breakers and overtemperature protectors which can provide operators‘ personal safety must be inspected in detail on a regular basis.

6.Non-professional staff is not allowed to inspect and operate this machine, or carry out maintenance, It is necessary to have a professional electrician and circuit maintenance personnel.

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