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Latest News

How to choose temperature and humidity test chamber? (2/2)

In fact, regarding how to choose a good temperature humidity test chamber,it is very simple to see from four aspects: one is the control system, the second is the use of materials, the third is the manufacturing process, and the fourth is after-sales service. The last time we explained you the control system and materials, today we will introduce you about the latter two.

Thrid,Manufacturing process: there are many temperature and humidity test chamber manufacturers use good material, but the performance of the equipment is not satisfactory, whether it is service life or failure rate; This is the problem of their manufacturing technology and core technology. In fact, there are many manufacturers in the environmental test industry who are not independent in research and development of equipment. Most of them are watching well-known enterprises grow up and emulate them one after another. for example, the equipment shape and structure may look similar, but the running is bad, just like the difference between the original and the imitation, it looks no problem, but the operation is not the same; More advanced is called high imitation, is also unable to withstand the test of time.

Last,After-sales service:No need to day,now many irresponsible manufacturers are in the current market, so users in the choice of manufacturers must have a clear agreement on the after-sales service,this can prevent you more trouble later.
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