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Latest News

How to choose temperature and humidity test chamber? (1/2)

The selection of the temperature and humidity test chamber may not be particularly clear to you, and we do not know how to choose it, so in order to enable you to select a good quality temperature and humidity test chamber, we summarizes below four crucial requirements.

First,Control system: control system is the  chamber‘s software aspect. We all know that a temperature and humidity test chamber is made up of hardware and software. Hardware is like the organs of human body. Only with these organs,we could be complete, and the software is equivalent to the heart and brain of a person. It determines the operation and operation mode of the equipment. So the control system is very important for the temperature and humidity test chamber, just as people need a healthy heart and a smart brain. The accurate and stable control system can reasonably arrange the running state and running time of each accessory unit of the equipment, make the equipment in a good running state at any time, and can effectively improve the performance of the equipment and reduce the failure rate.

Second,Equipment material: of course, we all know, equipment material refers to the equipment configuration, such as compressor and sensors, of course, which can guarantee quality. But there are many temperature and humidity test chamber manufacturers who wanna reduce the manufacturing cost,and price/quality variy a lot, so you need to screen.

The rest two requirements are left to explain to you next time.
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