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Latest News

Forced convection oven

Electric drying oven, also known as air blasting oven, using electric heating method to carry out blast cycle drying test, divided into blast drying and vacuum drying two kinds,blast drying is to blow out hot air through circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance in the box, vacuum drying is to use vacuum pump to extract the air in the box, so that the atmospheric pressure in the oven is lower than normal pressure, so that the product is in a very clean state to do the test, the vacuum drying is the use of vacuum pump to extract the air in the box, so that the atmospheric pressure in the box is lower than normal pressure, so that the product can be tested in a very clean state.

It is a commonly used instrument and equipment, mainly used to dry samples, but also to provide the temperature environment needed for the experiment. Drying oven is used in chemical industry, medicine, casting, automobile, food, machinery,electronic and other industries. It is generally divided into galvanized steel plate and stainless steel inner gallbladder, pointer and digital display, natural convective and bulging cycle, conventional oven and vacuum type. Electric blast drying box is widely used in mechanical, electrical, chemical, plastic, light industry and other industries and scientific research units to bake, dry, solidify, heat treatment and other convenient heating of various products and samples. It does not apply to volatile substances so as not to cause explosions.

*The design is perfect, the oven body is machined by CNC machine, the door is open type with handle, and the operation is easy.
*The interior working chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the exterior is sprayed with A3 plate, which is more smooth and beautiful
*The circuit system adopts the door-type opening, which is convenient for maintenance.
*The door sealing adopts high temperature resistant,aging resistant silicone rubber with perfect sealing performance,
*Storage, heating, testing and drying are carried out in an environment free of oxygen or filled with inert gases, so they do not oxidize.

Control System:
*The temperature controller adopts touch button, digital display LED display, PID intelligent control
*Pt100 platinum resistance temperature sensor,

Protection System:
* Overtemperature protection and alarm device

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