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Difference between high temperature test chamber and drying oven

The high temperature test chamber can be used to assess and determine the adaptability of electrical, electronic products or materials to storage and use under conditions of high temperature aging environment.
1.Different function
The workspace temperature of both are higher than ambient temperature to a particular temperature. However, the high temperature test chamber is generally used for high temperature aging or drying of precision samples. The moisture content of the samples should not be too large and the precision of temperature control is relatively high, while the drying oven is mostly used for drying samples with more moisture content,the oven has a adjustable dehumidifier, and the precision of temperature control is not very strict.

2.Different structure
The high temperature test chamber has independent circulating air duct design, the heated hot air circulates in the specific air duct, has the air outlet and the return air outlet, can guarantee the temperature uniformity in the chamber; The circulation of drying oven only blows hot air directly into the oven through fan. High temperature test chamber is equipped with test lead hole, can be connected to the power or instrument.

3.Different control method
The high temperature test chamber adopts the imported temperature controller with good temperature control sensitivity and temperature uniformity. It has the functions of leakage protection, overtemperature alarm and overtemperature protection. But the electric heating drying oven generally can not have these characteristics.
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