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Latest News

Design characteristics of IPX3 IPX4 rain test chamber

IPX3 IPX4 test chamber,we also call it swing pipe rain test chamber,it is used to check the product enclosure/sealing working performance under continous water test,meanwhile, the product can be affected by the water immersion in the process of transportation and use,the equipment simulates the rain spraying in nature,with no rainfall with strong wind speed, and does not take into account the large amount of water inflow caused by the high temperature of the sample and the temperature difference of the rain water.
Design feature:
1, Exterior material: reinforced A3 steel plate,interior is made of stainless steel plate.
2, Water pump: provide water source with pressure
3, Flowmeter: water flow meter
4, Door:with observation window made by toughened glass
5, Deceleration mechanism: worm gear reducer
6, Swing pipe: drive reducer / eccentric gear mechanism / rack gear and other mechanical transmission through motor / frequency converter. Use frequency converter to adjust the required angle through eccentric mechanism (unit time).
7,Rotating table: the table surface is PVC hard shift board (corrosion resistant boards) motor to drive worm gear reducer to rotate, speed regulation with frequency converter, adjust the appropriate speed.
8, Water supply tank: stainless steel storage tank, equipped with water filter, influent float valve, drainage valve, if needed to heat, the tank can also be equipped with electric heating pipe and temperature controller.
9, Sewer: designed at the bottom of the chamber,water can be quickly discharged 
10, Nozzle: the bending radius of the swing pipe is determined by the specimen size and working chamber volume . The nozzle is a folding special nozzle, and the nozzle can be replaced at any time according to the aperture required by the standard, which can adjust the direction of water spray so that the water drops are uniform and the flow rate is sufficient.

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