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Latest News

Why salt spray chamber fail to spray salt mist?

Salt spray test chamber is used to test teh salt corrosion resistance ability of hardware, metal and other auto parts,the chamber can quickly detect the corrosion resistance degree of products in the temperature, humidity and salt spraying environment, which can effectively improve production efficiency.

So what is the reason why such a salt spray test chamber does not spray?
As per our past maintenance experience,there are below reasons,customers can have a look,hope it is helpful:
1, the spray tower is blocked;
2, water pipes clogged, water flow can not go in;
3, the air compressor stops running,pls open the air compressor button;
4, main switch of the air compressor outlet is not turned on,pls turn on.
5, the solenoid valve fails, the pressure meter is broken or the pressure is too low, pls check with Climatest and repair it.
6, when the nozzle is clogged, the nozzle should be carefully removed and cleaned,because it is fragile.
7, if the spray pressure is normal, the position of the nozzle glass is also correct, but what is the reason for not spraying? In this case, it is necessary to carefully observe whether there is dirt at the contact surface of the nozzle. If so, clean up the dirt and the spray can be carried out normally.
That‘s all we‘re going to talk about today. If you have any questions, follow us on facebook, Please feel free to ask us questions.
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