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Latest News

What is the difference between nitrogen cabinet and dry cabinet?

Nitrogen cabinet is a traditional anti-oxidation storage device with different control functions according to application requirements. It is especially applied in microelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.

So what is the difference between nitrogen storage cabinet and dry storage cabinet? 
Dry storage cabinet, also called electronic dry cabinet, moisture control cabinet, low humidity storage cabinet, it creates a low humidity storage environment.

Nitrogen storage cabinet, also called N2 cabinet, nitrogen purge cabinet, it creates an oxygen free environment to achieve the anti-oxidation and moisture control effect. 

The oxidation of objects, in addition to the reaction of oxygen, the catalytic effect of moisture is also very obvious, the nitrogen concentration in the dry cabinet reaches 90% is very ideal, but 90% nitrogen concentration will also have oxidation reaction. Similarly, the anti-oxidation storage of dry storage cabinet also requires the good performance of the equipment. The dry storage cabinet can achieve good oxidation effect if the dehumidifying speed is fast, For less than 5%RH and 5-10 minute humidity recovery, the same anti-oxidation effect as the high purity and high-flow nitrogen storage cabinet.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in temperature and humidity control technique, the company manufactures all kinds of environmental test chamber, dry storage cabinet, drying oven, with twenty years Research and manufacturing experience, Symor now export to world famous electronic & semiconductor manufacturers with excellent reputation.

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