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Latest News

What is rated temperature classification of the hot air oven ?

The hot air drying oven are divided into four types by rated temperature:

Class 1:  Low temperature oven (less than 100℃), generally used for aging of electrical products, slow drying of ordinary materials, and drying of some food raw materials, plastics and other products.

Class 2: standard temperature oven (100-250℃), which is the common operating temperature for moisture drying, coating curing, heating, heating, insulation of most ingredients.

Class 3: high temperature oven (250-400℃), high temperature drying special materials, work piece high temperature installation, material high temperature test, reaction treatment of chemical raw materials, etc.

Class 4 ultra-high temperature oven (400-600℃), higher working temperature, high temperature drying special materials, workpiece temperature and heat treatment, material high temperature test, etc.

Symor specializes in various types of hot air drying oven,

Product series: precision hot air circulation oven, small industrial oven, vacuum drying oven, class 100 dust-free oven, 50ppm anaerobic oven, 600 degree high temperature oven, customized tunnel oven. Clean nitrogen filling oven, etc.

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