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What causes temperature humidity chamber to alarm?

Today we discuss the reason that causes temperature humidity chamber to alarm,In most cases, the equipment alarm is caused by the improper operation in the process of use, which mainly includes following reasons:that are refrigeration system, temperature system and circulating system.
First, Refrigeration system
1, refrigeration compressor overpressure alarm. If the refrigerant pressure exceeds the set value, it will stop and alarm at the same time. At this time, the fault must be eliminated and then manually reset.
2, short phase power supply, phase sequence alarm. When the external power supply of the equipment is out of phase or the phase sequence is changed, it will stop and alarm at the same time.
3. The circulating cooling water is short of water to alarm. When the water pressure of the cooling circulating water system is insufficient, it will stop and alarm at the same time, and it must wait for the fault to be eliminated and reset at the same time before it could run normally.
4, refrigeration compressor overheating alarm. When the coil of the compressor is overheated and the power supply of the line is not normal, it will stop and alarm at the same time.
Second, Temperature system
1, the overtemperature alarm in the chamber. The sensors in the channel and the sample area are equipped with overtemperature protection devices, and there are also overtemperature protecter on the control panel. When the temperature in the working chamber exceeds the setting value on the controller, it will stop and alarm.
2. sample overtemperature protection. When the temperature in the sample area exceeds the protection temperature set by the controller, it will stop and alarm at the same time. The overtemperature protection of the sample is divided into upper limit protection and lower limit protection, which can be set according to the demand,

Third,Circulating system
1. The alarm is caused by the overheating of the circulating fan. When the coil of the fan is over-heated, the alarm will be stopped at the same time.
2. The fan over-current alarm. When the current of the fan exceeds the allowable value, the alarm is stopped at the same time, and the normal operation can only be carried out after the fault maintenance of the overcurrent is completed.

This is what we talk about today,if you have more questions,let us know.

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