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Latest News

What are the appearance requirements of the high temperature test chamber?

1. The interior temperature test chamber shall be made of materials resistant to heat, oxidation, corrosion resistance and certain mechanical strength, and there shall be no pollution source affecting the experiment.

2. Insulation shall be high temperature and flame retardant;

3. The thickness of the insulation layer shall ensure that the exterior temperature (of the temperature test chamber) shall not be higher than 35 ° C of the ambient.

4. heating devices shall not constitute a direct radiation to the sample;

5. The door (the temperature test chamber) has good sealing performance. The sealing strip shall be of high temperature resistance and easy to replace;

6.The shelf has good heat resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance;

7. exterior coating shall be smooth and uniform in color, with no traces of extremely uncoordinated in color, bubbles, starter or abrasions;

8. manufacturer apply a patent for the temperature test chamber appearance.It is optional when purchasing the equipment.

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