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Latest News

We are serious to make dry oven

Dry oven is a must instrument almost for every laboratory in different industries,with nearly 20 years efforts and innovation,Climatest now masters core technique of dry oven manufacturing,no matter on temperature uniformity or temperature stability.Behind the quality is 15 years of consistent persistence,strong belief in excellence; from design to R & D to production, from promotion to sales to installation; every step should reach excellence,What you see, you use our products, you choose, you feel that we do our best,this is our faith. 
Dry Ovens are used to dry or temper electronic components,material tests,torrefaction, wax-melting ,high temperature aging ,preheating and sterilization in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research institutes.

.Exterior chamber is made by reinforced steel with painting; working chamber made by anti-corrosion stainless steel SUS#304

.Intelligent PID control, LED controller with over-temperature alarm,timing range within 0~9999min

.Hot air circulation system composed of Germany imported low-noisy air blower and optimal air duct which ensure uniform temperature distribution

.Double layers of glass door, large transparent window to observe specimen

.Forced air convection
Climatest manufactures desktop and floor-standing models with RT+10
°C-200°C,250°C,300°C,350°C,400°C temperature range,and customized as per special requirement,if you wanna know more details about our dry oven,please visit our product page:

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