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Latest News

The top three compressor brands for walk-in test chamber

Compressor is a kind of driven fluid machinery which elevates low pressure gas to high pressure gas, and it is one of the important parts of refrigeration system. The most widely used brands for walk-in climate chamber are Germany Copeland compressors, Germany Bitzer compressors and France Tecumseh compressors.Let‘s introduce their advantages one by one.

1) France Tecumseh compressors
*Balance design reduce the compressor vibration,low noise and stable operation.
*High efficiency and power saving.

2)Germany Bitzer compressors 

*C1 to C4 adopts high-quality wear-resistant parts, octagonal design,which allows compressor suitable for minimal space requirements. 
*Spatter lubrication is adopted in oil system, which ensure sufficient oil supply for the compressor even under the limit operating conditions. 

3)Germany Copeland compressors

*High volume efficiency,low pressure difference between adjacent crescent space beside compressor.
*Less leakage,No steam suction and exhaust valve,Low resistance.
*High adiabatic efficiency: under the same cooling capacity, vortex compressor is about 10% higher than cascade compressors.
*Low noise and little vibration.
*A strong cast iron body is provided with a large heat dissipation area to improve the cooling effect of the compressor, and a light aluminum piston is used for reducing friction and   vibration, and the electronic protective film block with the tip can provide comprehensive motor protection. 
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