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Latest News

The development prospect of high temperature dry oven

The innovation ability of the production enterprises in China‘s drying equipment is low, the new technology of independent intellectual property rights can be introduced, and the enterprises of the new products are very few, which is an important reason for the slow development of the drying technology in China. High automation equipment will be welcome in some field of application. In addition, the appearance quality of the drying equipment will be more and more attention, and the corrosion resistance and reliable performance of the corrosive material drying equipment will be paid special attention by the user.

In the late 1990 ‘s, the mechanical workers of the food drying box of China have carried out a great deal of research on the electromagnetic radiation drying equipment, such as the most advanced technology of the Tianjin Packaging and Food Machinery Research Institute, The developed WTJ series microwave energy drying equipment has the characteristics of high drying speed, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, no pollution and no damage to the nutritional components of the food, and can be widely applied to the field of food drying. In addition, that far infrared radiation element emit by the far infrared radiation element is convert into heat energy to dry the food, the device is simple, the energy is saved, and the drying speed is high. In particular to the drying of fruits and vegetables, and further, according to the principle that the solar energy can be converted into heat energy, a series of solar drying equipment developed and developed is used for drying the fruits and vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products. The research and development of the drying equipment is mainly carried out in dozens of universities and scientific research units in China, but most of the knowledge achievements are not effectively converted into the real productivity. The enterprise should be the subject of technological innovation, and it should be combined with these institutions and scientific research units in various forms, so that the resources can be properly configured and utilized, and the innovation ability of the enterprise can be effectively cultivated and developed. In the future, the focus of the competition in the drying equipment industry will focus on product quality, technical level, after-sales service and price.

The high-temperature oven industry in China has made great progress in the 1980s, and also promoted the development of the food drying machinery. The relatively centralized enterprises in the Jiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai can also consider the transfer of the joint venture, cooperation and acquisition to the central and western regions to find a wider space for the survival and development of the enterprise. In the industry, there is a strong and strong road between enterprises, with strong technical strength in the industry, large companies with famous brand and independent intellectual property rights, and enterprise groups. Form its own features and features. At present, the most advanced freeze-sublimation drying technology in the food drying method, especially in combination with China‘s national conditions, adopts cheap steam jet to accelerate the process of economic globalization, and more transnational corporations will transfer the target to the Chinese market.

But the production of the food drying machine is basically small, the large batch size cannot be formed, the technical content is low, the mature model is not small, the drying process, the production capacity, the energy type, the measurement and control technology and the like are relatively backward, and is mainly used for drying the food in a traditional heating mode, namely, the material is heated by means of heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation, the drying time of the food is prolonged by the drying process of the table and the heat, and the loss of the nutrient components of the food is caused, And the original natural taste of the food is destroyed. The idea of product development is to increase the size of the equipment, the degree of automation of the control, the surface treatment quality of the equipment, the selection of the corrosion-resistant materials, and develop the multi-function combination machine, so that the life cycle of the product is continuously prolonged. The trade association shall organize the enterprises to participate in the international technical exchange, absorb the latest technological achievements, and accelerate the improvement of the technical level of the whole industry. To adjust the structure of the enterprise and to cultivate the core competence of the enterprise.

The world‘s famous drying box equipment manufacturer, robbed the Chinese market. After China‘s entry into WTO, more international peers will enter the domestic market, and with the increasing international competition, we will face a great competition pressure. The increasingly fierce competition of the drying equipment market demands that our enterprises can improve the product quality through technological progress, absorbing foreign advanced technology and independent innovation.

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